"Responsive support: fixed issue quickly"

The XT Woo Variation Swatches was causing an undesirable side-effect on my analytics. Once I isolated the issue, the plugin author resolved it within a day. Great turnaround!

Dave Karow

Head of IT and Safe Sleep Advocate

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Does exactly what it needs to"

Well worth the investment! This plugin helps us showcase our many variations in ways that were previously not possible. Thank you!


Variations As Singles for WooCommerce

"Great support and plugin!"

This is an amazing plugin with a great support team! Super easy to configure! Once installed, simply changed my product attributes to color, image or label and swatches immediately appeared! Thank you guys!

Michael B.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Very good editor"

I use this plugin regularly for coding online directly. Most of my works involve editing online sites directly, this plugin makes it very easy to do so! Thanks for such a great plugin!

H K Chakladar


"The plugin is so great!"

The plugin is so great, I bought two licenses immediately! Probably gonna go for a third license for yet another project. You're awesome! Job well done!


Slick Menu

"Highly recommended WooCommerce Quick View Plugin!"

Amazing WooCommerce Quick View plugin. Nice and smooth animations with flexible options. Team support is top notch! Keep up the good work!

Mike Celikbas

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Very good plugin"

I looked to replace the original cart and to have it always on the site somewhere to be seen. It works very well, customizable too. I recommend it


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Awesome plugin"

best on available plugins i have ever seen but all the browser are not supported. i have tried in mozilla some times it didnt work properly. i have to be fixed


Ajax Add To Cart for WooCommerce

"Excellent plugin, very responsive developer"

Woo Quick View is an excellent, very customisable and elegantly written plugin. The developer is very responsive – All issues we had were promptly and conclusively dealt with. All suggestions for further development were taken into consideration, I have only praise to offer.

G Bruzzo

Quick View for WooCommerce


for a long time. It was the plugin I was looking for, it would be better if it could be added to the icon in the button.


Ajax Add To Cart for WooCommerce

"Smooth and Slick!"

I'm very happy with this plugin, even though it is currently in it's infancy, it is highly customize-able and I look forward to more features as it matures.

Anthony Bradford

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Powerful Plugin"

I'm very happy with this plugin, I have been using it for 2 years or so now and it just keeps getting better and better. Love the animations as the products literally jump into the shopping cart which them gives a little jump for joy - classic!

Anthony Bradford

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"SUPER USEFUL, very complete and easy to use"

I’ve used this plugin after testing with others and really is the one that works better. Also, is easy to configure and the one that offers the best options in my opinion. In addition, the assistance service is very fast and effective 🙂 Totally recommendable!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great all in one solution!"

Really easy to use cart solution with loads of options. We use this on many sites with no issues. Great work and support!

Wayne Philips

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Good plugin with awesome support!"

I actually bought the pro version for this plugin and it is amazing! First we had some small issues on our page with the theme and with another woocommerce plugin. After contacting the developer, they fixed it very fast and gave great instructions, therefore I can totally recommend this plugin!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Beautifully designed & coded menu!"

This has to be one the most advanced, beautifully designed & coded menu plugins we have ever seen. There is nothing else on the market that comes close to it - believe us, we've used them all. Great support too, can't recommend highly enough.


Slick Menu

"Excellent Plugin! "

A Unique, well thought-out and intelligently designed shopping cart for woocommerce, something that was missing! Thank You for this awesome plugin! I Highly Recommended This Plugin!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great plugin and support!"

I feel like I am in safe hands using this plugin in my site and without any worry that it will be abandoned anytime soon. The support team helped me solve some compatibility issues with my theme. They were very prompt and friendly.

Sophia Davis

Points & Rewards for WooCommerce

"Amazing plugin, works perfectly."

I had a problem with WooCommerce’s default Ajax add to cart function and the plugin has solved it.


Ajax Add To Cart for WooCommerce

"Love it"

Floating cart works great right out the gate. Worked well, pro version lets my customers know how much more to spend to get free shipping.

wendy christman

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Beautifully crafted, and very useful."

Beautifully crafted, and very useful. Not to forget their amazing customer support. Very responsive, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommended.


Slick Menu

"Love this plugin!!!"

Works extremely well. Much more professional look and options than the standard drop downs. Speeds up the variation selection process and looks awesome. Pro version worth every penny for the additional features like showing swatches on the shop page and override options for individual products / categories


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Simply excellent ! A must have."

A complete file manager and code editing solution for WordPress! I love the automated File Restore Wizard that appears instead of the white screen of death, it will allow you to restore erroneous files in a click of a button!



"Easy to use and makes a big difference"

This is a good plugin that works seamlessly and makes the shoppers experience a lot better. The cart was hidden in the menu bar beforehand but now it pops up and its really clear for the shopper that they have something in the basket. It is not an annoying pop up, but a smooth and professional looking one. Thank you!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great plugin with great support"

I have used this plugin for a long time and all my clients love it. Also, if there is any issue or if I need assistance with it, their supports reply is very fast and helpful. Highly recommended!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Saved my Bacon"

Terrific flexible plugin that helped resolve my clients issues with the WooCommerce purchase process….Thank you !!

Tom Fraser

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"A very complete Points & Rewards plugin!"

Great system to reward my customers, and its helping my sales a lot too! The feature in which I can edit the points is super helpful and so is your support so, if there were 6 stars I would put 6!

Mike Carter

Points & Rewards for WooCommerce

"Best support ever."

Bought the pro license. Awesome plugin, good for conversions. The support rocks. Solved a small issue in no time! They also helped me with a small css adjustment for another plugin. Just Great!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Best Swatches Plugin"

I have tried several swatches plugins and ended up with this one. It works exactly as it supposed to and the performance is great.

Radek Stangel


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Great Floating Cart with amazing support!"

This is exactly what I was looking for! The plugin is extremely well written. Looks beautiful on the page with very little design customizations (which are all added as options). I bought the pro version. It’s relatively cheap for the loads of extra functionality you get. Seriously, I don’t normally login to post reviews. But this one deserves it.


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great Plugin and 6 STAR Awesome Support"

I just want to say, the plugin does exactly what it says it will. And we add it to all clients sites that are planning on using WooCommerce. If you do run into an issue over the past year I had to contact Support and to say they are helpful would be an understatement of the year. Their support is what all support should be measured by. Great Job, worthy of 6 STARS!

Roy Randolph

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Best and simple file editor for WordPress"

I use this plugin mostly for customizing codes within plugins and theme. Works great!

Hassan Khan


"Perfect for my site, "

Very very very useful, This is Great Plugin, have nice features

Wagner Antunes

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Great product, and fast support service"

This plugin has really helped with the e-commerce side of our website, great for up-selling and looks great. Plenty of customizable options including colour schemes, fonts, images, animations and text. Super easy to install and fast customer support when needed. They even updated their own plugin to work with our website.

Oxfam New Zealand

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Excellent plugin & excellent support"

Excellent plugin. Everything works very well and very easy to set up. The support is fast to reach and always open for new ideas. Thanks for the great plugin!

Sizilianische Kueche

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great Customizability"

Best menu plugin ever! Thank you for making this plugin!


Slick Menu

"Very flexible vertical menu!"

I purchased this plugin a couple months back. I just started using it today and I must say it’s one of those plugins that do what you want it to do. You can tell a skilled developer built this and I’m taking full advantage!


Slick Menu

"This is the best and lightest variations swatches plugin"

XT Woo Variation Swatches is the best and lightest variations swatches plugin out there. I have tested many plugins and there is nothing like it. the support system is unbeatable, they are very professional and provide unparallel support!


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Exactly what I needed!"

A very intuitive quick view plugin with a great responsive interface too. Exactly what I was looking for my store! Thank you!

Earnie Rhyker

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Great WooCommerce Variation Swatches Plugin!"

This plugin has all the features that a woocommerce variation swatches plugin should have! Very flexible options at multiple levels. Especially the premium version. Swatch options can be applied globally or overridden at the product, attribute or even individual term level. Can be customized from the customizer with live preview!

Mike Celikbas

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Great Plugin"

We love the XT Woo Floating Cart. Our theme didn't have a nice way of implementing a cart onto the page, and that's when we found this Floating cart. It works well, easy to style to suit your site, and the support is great also. Highly recommended.


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Amazing Plugin!"

Words cannot express how much I love this plugin for my website. I am a small batch maker who creates products with variations like color, finish, etc. Being able to create a single listing and show variants as separate products really helps my clients visualize finished goods without me having to spend extra hours crafting copy for SEO, managing separate instances when details change, etc. This ROCKS!!!


Variations As Singles for WooCommerce

"Exactly what I was looking for !"

A very intuitive shopping cart add-on with a great responsive interface too. And exactly what I was looking for my store! Thank you!

Earnie Rhyker

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Works & looks great!"

It’s the most attractive woocommerce-cart for templates which don’t have a cart implemented. It’s design is very sylish and customizable. Due to it’s sticky-effect it always remembers the visitor of what he/she puts into their cart.

Alex Freeskier

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Very good support "

There were some issues with the plugin and my theme. When requested support they continue working on it until the problem was solved. Very happy with the results and a nice smooth floating cart


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great tool for troubleshooting customers sites"

Found this great plugin most useful when troubleshooting on customers sites – it’s such a relief to know that this plugin checks and validates the code before saving files. This avoids crashing your customer's site while troubleshooting! Keep up the good work!



"Excellent plugin, great support!"

Woo Floating cart is an excellent, very customisable and elegantly written plugin. The developer is very responsive – All issues we had were promptly and conclusively dealt with. All suggestions for further development were taken into consideration. I have only praise to offer.


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Best Swatches Plugin on the Market"

Best swatches plugin on the market that I've come across. Very flexible, especially the pro version which is fully customizable using the live customizer. They are also on top of their game when it comes to customer support!

Simon K.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Super great support!"

Super great support 5x5 stars :D They are amazing and the plugin for itself is 5 stars too. Thanks for all the help and super good service.

Björn Handy

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Simply the best Variation Swatches plugin!"

This plugin automatically converts native dropdowns to image swatches using existing images already set within each variation, which is great! No need to manually upload new swatches for each product like other plugins! Support is great as well! Keep up the good work!


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Fantastic Free Plugin!"

What a fantastic free plugin! Great work, I first heard about you guys through the WP Tavern podcast and the changes you've made to the free plugin since launch are amazing! I give this plugin 5 stars, can't recommend this plugin enough!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great plugin, highly recommended"

Does what it promises. Makes your shopping experience much faster and easier, not having to switch through webpages. Customer support is very responsive, I had a small issue earlier, and they fixed it with an update within a day. Now it feels super reliable. It's fast and it just works. The way it looks is highly customizable with the built-in settings, and if you want to go all the way: with a little custom css you can really make it your own. Go buy it, you won't regret it.


Quick View for WooCommerce

"Works so well right out of the box!"

I purchase countless plugins from Codecanyon. Rarely do I install a plugin that works so well right out of the box. This plugin seems so well developed. From the UI to the flexibility to the implementation, everything is just remarkably smooth. You just get the sense that it's extremely well coded. Love it!

Mark Skoultchi

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great plugin!"

Great plugin with lots of customization. You can make the cart look exactly the way you want it to look. I had a few custom requests and the support team helped me with everything. Totally recommended


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Powerful menu plugin!"

Powerful and very flexible menu plugin with great help and support team, 5 star for the plugin


Slick Menu

"Amazing Plugin! My clients love it!"

Really love this WooCommerce Floating Cart. It’s interactive and fluid. The full version is very much worth it and I have to say, the support at XplodedThemes.com is top notch. Keep up the good work!

Mike Turner

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"I love this plugin"

Perfect plugin and the best that I can recommend. If you have product variations and want to show all of them in the product overview, this is the perfect solution. Thank you so much!


Variations As Singles for WooCommerce

"Love the Loyalty Points & Rewards plugin!"

Wow. This plugin is perfect for me. I had an in store loyalty program, when I closed my in person store, and transferred everything to online. This was the perfect plugin to get the loyalty points into the online platform for my customers. We didn’t miss a beat. Then I added wholesale ability. I contacted support, and within a day they had done an update that allowed me to choose the role of who can collect points. The absolute best in customer service and great functioning plugins. I highly recommend Xploded Themes plugins.


Points & Rewards for WooCommerce

"Great Plugin and 6 STAR Awesome Support"

I just want to say, the plugin does exactly what it says it will. And we add it to all clients sites that are planning on using WooCommerce. If you do run into an issue over the past year I had to contact Support and to say they are helpful would be an understatement of the year. Their support is what all support should be measured by. Great Job, worthy of 6 STARS!

Roy Randolph

Quick View for WooCommerce

"Worked perfectly!"

Files were easy to find and edit. Much easier than having to ftp a newer version of the file in order to make changes.

Brad Schiff


"Good Plugin if can have less js, css"

This plugin is really good. It is the only one plugin on marketplace that offer simple ajax add to cart only but not include side cart.


Ajax Add To Cart for WooCommerce

"Highly Recommended !"

This plugin works very nicely. It has some very nice touches including shaping of the icons (rounded or round), customizing (both in the archive and product pages) independently. We like how the images automatically switch depending on the variation chosen. Looks great on all devices. If you have products that have multiple variants, then you can specify on the archive pages, which is the 'primary' variant to use as catalog mode, so it only shows colours for example, not colours AND sizes.


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Exactly what I was looking for!"

This plugin is great. No hassle or fuss! It was just install and go with my site. I needed a plugin that would show the variation image instead of having to manually add new swatch images! Perfect and exactly what I needed!


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Awesome Plugin"

They thought of everything, this plugin is amazing. Love the styling and how you can customize everything!

Bobby Klein


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Very useful"

This is a great buy. Very customizable product. The things that aren't customizable through settings, are easily addressed with custom css. If you want an international translation, you have to make your own via Loco Translate or something, but that's easy.


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"The perfect match"

I was looking for a plugin that showcased the variations on the shop page, and even though there are many options, I think this is the best all-in-one plugin that I've encountered. My favorite part is the front-end customization. Support is fast and helpful, even with timezone differences. Absolutely recommend it to people that want their online shop to look nicer.

Melissa Chuy

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Name says it all. Great implementation!"

Does a great job! Beautiful floating cart that is easy to implement and very well thought out.

Darrin Rich

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Great plugin, Excellent support!"

Great plugin! My product page looks exactly how needed it with these awesome swatches. I’m very much satisfied using it and their support service is great too.


Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Best hamburger menu plugin I found"

Slick Menu is exactly as the name would suggest. Works with your Wordpress theme to produce an intuitive slick menu with almost unlimited options. My design brief was for a hamburger menu visible at all screen resolutions. This menu did exactly what I'm looking for - a fly in right hand side menu. But it can do much more than this with a multitude of customization options.


Digital Strategist

Slick Menu

"Woo Floating Cart"

By far the most beautiful and best plugin to add a shopping cart to a woocommerce website!

Jan Sluijs

Owner Developer

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Astonishing plugin!"

It has great features and a marvellous support. I really needed a way to handle points on referral orders and the latest update is offers me a perfect solution.

John Williams

Points & Rewards for WooCommerce

"Great support"

The plugin itself did have issues for us, but the XT support has been fantastic and has gone way beyond expectations to resolve issues. We departed with another plugin purely because we believe XT's support will always pull through when needed.

Mohammad Mansoor Siddique

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

"Amazing Plugin!"

Great plugin! Pro version is worth every penny! So many useful options making customer purchasing and checkout experience faster and enjoyable!


Floating Cart for WooCommerce

"Exactly what we wanted - but HUGE learning curve"

After testing Slick Menu for a decent bit we decided this was the menu system for us 100% That said, it is INTENSELY complex and the 'conventions' it uses to define the stack and layer(s) of things are very unorthodox - so new users be aware you'll likely find a bit of a roadblock at the start so dig into their admittedly good documentation to keep setup and configuration moving along :)


Owner SLMG

Slick Menu

"attractive popup and great support"

I like the popup and it’s flexibility. The customer support was excellent b/c they replied to all of my emails with real answers, not generic responses.


Quick View for WooCommerce