Woo Floating Cart - Interactive Floating Cart for WooCommerce

An Interactive Floating Cart for WooCommerce that slides in when the user decides to buy an item. Fully customizable right from WordPress Customizer with Live Preview. Products, quantities and prices are updated instantly via Ajax.


  • Apply Google Fonts
  • Change Cart Position
  • Change Cart Width / Height
  • Change Counter Position
  • Custom Colors / Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons (SVG / Image / Font Icons)
  • Customize using WordPress Customizer Live Preview
  • Select between 11 loading spinner animations
  • Enable Fly To Cart animation
  • Exclude pages from displaying the cart
  • Device Visibility options
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported on Single Product pages
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported within Quick View Modals
  • Option to change the checkout link to redirect to the cart page instead
  • Option to trigger the cart on Mouse Over with optional delay
  • Select between Subtotal or Total to be displayed within the checkout button
  • Product Variations Support
  • Display product attributes within the cart
  • RTL Support
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Woo Floating Cart - Changelog

V.1.4.0 - 23.10.2019

  • Update Pro Update customizer library to v3.0.45
  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with some customizer fields hidden on Flatsome theme and others.

V.1.3.9 - 11.10.2019

  • Fix Fixed javascript error / infinite loading when adding product to the cart and maximum quantity has been reached.
  • Fix Fixed add to cart on archive page not working on some custom themes.
  • Update Update Freemius SDK to v2.3.1

V.1.3.8 - 27.08.2019

  • Support Better support for Woocommerce Product Addons plugin. Fix issue with hidden required fields.

V. - 23.08.2019

  • Update Updated pot translation file

V.1.3.7 - 19.08.2019

  • Update Pro Updated customizer library to V3.0.44

V.1.3.6 - 09.07.2019

  • Update Removed unused libraries within the free version to be conform with WordPress directory guidelines

V.1.3.5 - 20.06.2019

  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with Checkout Form not appearing after adding the first product to the cart unless the page is reloaded.
  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with shipping method switching on native woocommerce cart / checkout pages

V.1.3.4 - 11.06.2019

  • New Adding "Please Wait..." loading text to checkout button once clicked. Or "Placing Order..." if Checkout form is enabled.
  • Enhance Pro Cart Totals: Faster shipping methods switching
  • Support Improved theme support

V.1.3.3 - 09.06.2019

  • Fix Pro Fixed couple of event firing issues with the checkout form and totals.
  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with shipping methods switching not updating totals
  • Enhance Pro Block cart body scrolling whenever a dropdown (countries, cities etc..) is open. This way, only the dropdown will be scrolling and nothing else.

V.1.3.2 - 01.06.2019

  • New Pro Added option to block main site page scroll when the floating cart is open
  • Support Pro WooCommerce for PayPal by AngellEye - Express Paypal button will be injected within cart totals / checkout form

V.1.3.1 - 22.05.2019

  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with totals not being triggered whenever a coupon is applied.
  • Fix Fixed javascript error on shop page.

V.1.3.0 - 21.05.2019

  • New Pro Added option to apply coupons within the floating cart
  • New Pro Added option to display totals (including tax, shipping, coupons etc..) below product list.
  • New Pro Added option to enable 1 step checkout form below product list. If enabled, totals will also be displayed.
  • New Pro Added option to display product SKU.
  • New Added option to initialize cart via ajax on page load.
  • Fix Pro Fixed customizer typography field issue with font variants.
  • Fix Fixed issue with WooCommerce error messages disappearing after a second.
  • Fix After product removal, the undo action should restore the product to the previous position within the cart
  • Support Pro Standard fonts can now be selected or can inherit theme fonts without loading google fonts.
  • Support Shop page ajax "add to cart" will also work with Woo Variation Swatches plugin: https://xplodedthemes.com/products/woo-variation-swatches/
  • Enhance Shop page "add to cart" now supports ajax queue. No matter how many products are added to the cart and at what speed, they will all be added one after the other. This should pass any stress test.

V.1.2.9 - 04.04.2019

  • Fix Pro Fixed licensing issue
  • Fix Minor CSS Fixes

V.1.2.8 - 18.03.2019

  • Fix Pro Fixed Visibility "Hide on Pages" Dropdown to include all languages if WPML is enabled
  • Fix Pro Fix issue when validating WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin required fields
  • Fix Fix issue with Min / Max quantities not respecting limits
  • Fix Minor CSS Fixes
  • Update Pro Updated Customizer Framework
  • New Pro Added option to Link / Unlink product to single product page
  • New Pro Added option to Hide Product Thumbs
  • New Pro Added new Device Visibility Option (Show on tablet and mobile)
  • Support Better WPML Support

V.1.2.7 - 11.03.2019

  • Fix Fixed conflict with WPML causing floating cart not to add items.

V.1.2.6 - 26.02.2019

  • Fix Fixed bug with customizer default values

V.1.2.5 - 26.02.2019

  • Update Update Freemius SDK to v2.2.4
  • Update Pro Update plugin updater to support php 7.3
  • New Pro Added option to set trigger / counter position and size based on breakpoint - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Fix Pro Fixed trigger counter position not being set within the customizer
  • Fix Pro Fixed issue with Customizer Link field

V.1.2.4 - 27.01.2019

  • Fix Force user to set a quantity if manually set to 0
  • Fix Pro Woocommerce "added to cart notice" on single product page is showing when reloading a page instead of showing directly after the animation
  • New Pro Added option to change trigger icon colors - Font Icon Only
  • Update Updated jquery.mobile library
  • Enhance Better composite / bundle product display

V.1.2.3 - 18.01.2019

V.1.2.2 - 11.01.2019

  • Fix Fixed issue with license key migration

V.1.2.1 - 10.01.2019

  • Fix Fixed license migration issue

V.1.2.0 - 09.01.2019

  • New Added option to resize cart trigger & counter
  • Update Migrated Licensing / Billing System to Freemius
  • Fix Prefixed all plugin css classes and php function with "xt_" example: "woofc" becomes "xt_woofc", if you added custom css or have overridden plugin templates within your theme, make sure to add this prefix or else it will break

V.1.1.7 - 27.10.2018

  • Fix Fixed issue with some customizer color fields not showing
  • Fix Minor cart refresh fixes

V.1.1.6 - 24.09.2018

  • Fix Fixed intermittent issue with checkout button not being visible when adding first product

V.1.1.5 - 11.09.2018

  • Fix Prevent variable product from being added to cart if no option has been selected
  • Fix Minor Customizer Fixes

V.1.1.4 - 04.08.2018

  • Enhance Faster Ajax Load
  • Enhance Faster product add to cart on single product pages
  • Enhance Faster product quantity update, remove and undo

V.1.1.3 - 04.08.2018

  • Fix Fix issue with undo remove
  • Enhance Faster product add to cart on single product pages

V.1.1.2 - 25.03.2018

  • Fix Fix fly to cart animation to try and only animate the image without the whole container
  • Fix Fix conflict with 2 different serializeJSON libraries
  • Fix Fix javascript error on some shop pages, especially when using Dokan plugin
  • Fix Bypass add to cart buttons within gravity forms so they can work as usual.
  • Support Support Woo Product Table Plugin

V.1.1.1 - 15.01.2018

  • Support Support Woo Variations Table Plugin

V.1.1.0 - 25.11.2017

  • Support Wordpress v4.9 Customizer Support
  • Enhance Added Ajax queue system faster and more reliable Ajax requests

V. - 24.10.2017

  • Fix Fix compatibility issue with the X Theme
  • Support Better theme compatibility

V. - 11.10.2017

  • Fix Fix bundled items removal issue with Composite / Bundled products
  • Fix Replace deprecated functions
  • Enhance Disable the Single Add To Cart button until the floating cart is ready

V. - 25.09.2017

  • Fix Better compatibility with Composite and Bundled products

V. - 07.07.2017

  • Fix Fix multiple domain license check bug

V. - 21.06.2017

  • New Added option to show / hide bundled products for WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin
  • Support Support WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin

V.1.0.9 - 16.06.2017

  • Fix Fix product attributes display issue if attribute value is set to "Any"
  • Update Template changes: /templates/parts/cart/list/product.php
  • Update Template changes: /templates/parts/cart/list/product/variations.php

V. - 07.06.2017

  • Fix Fixed issue with product remove not updating subtotal on first try

V. - 20.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed deprecated function warnings caused by WooCommerce v3.0.x
  • Update Template changes: /templates/parts/cart/list/product/thumbnail.php

V. - 19.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed issue with products not adding to cart right after removing a product

V. - 18.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed issue with having to click twice to remove a product after adding it
  • Enhance Changed the Checkout label to Cart in go to cart mode

V. - 11.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed intermittent 502 error with ajax requests
  • Fix Fixed fly to cart animation from Woo Quick View modal

V. - 10.04.2017

  • New Added option to display product attributes as a list or inline
  • New Added option to hide product attributes labels
  • New Added option to automatically open the cart after adding a product
  • Fix Fixed product attributes display on WooCommerce v3.x.x
  • Update Template changes: /templates/parts/cart/list/product/variations.php and /templates/parts/cart/list/product.php

V. - 10.04.2017

  • New Added option to resize default cart width and height
  • Enhance Better trigger icon animation when trigger position is set to Top Left or Top Right
  • Fix Fixed issue with some third party quick view modals add to cart button infinite loading.
  • Fix Fixed single post fly to cart animation on WooCommerce v3.x.x
  • Update Template changes: /templates/minicart.php and /templates/parts/cart/footer.php

V. - 04.04.2017

  • Fix Fixed issue with Remove / Undo cart total not updating sometimes.
  • Fix Fixed issue with local license being reset by it self.

V. - 16.03.2017

  • New Added color and typography customization options for the newly added error message
  • Support Supports WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget
  • Enhance Show error message within cart header whenever product quantity has reached stock limit or a minimum quantity is required.
  • Enhance Show woocommerce error messages within single product pages if ajax add to cart request failed for X reason

V.1.0.8 - 15.03.2017

  • New Auto sync cart content with third party mini cart plugins or within themes.
  • New Added global javascript function xt_woofc_refresh_cart() for developers to force cart refresh within plugins or themes.
  • Support Added support for Woo Quick View Plugin
  • Support Added Support for caching plugins
  • Fix Fix cart issues on non woocommerce pages.

V.1.0.7 - 17.02.2017

  • New Sync cart with native WooCommerce cart page on Add, remove, update products
  • New Fly to cart animation now works on single product pages and within Quick View plugins
  • Support Added support for Yith Product Addons Plugin
  • Support Better support for third party plugins
  • Enhance Centralize template output functions
  • Fix Fixed customizer issue with checkout background color not being changed

V.1.0.6 - 11.02.2017

  • New Added Product Variations Support
  • New Added option to display product attributes within the cart
  • New Added option to select between Subtotal or Total to be displayed within the checkout button
  • New Added option to hide the WooCommerce “View Cart” link that appears after adding an item to cart
  • Enhance Better theme compatibility

V. - 30.01.2017

  • Fix Fixed weird issue with customizer fields visibility on WordPress 4.7.2
  • Fix Fixed issue with Customizer Typography fields not being displayed

V.1.0.5 - 26.01.2017

  • New Added option to change the checkout link to redirect to the cart page instead.
  • New Added option to trigger the cart on Mouse Over with optional delay
  • New Added Device Visibility options

V. - 19.01.2017

  • Fix Fixed minor bug with add to cart button when used with third party gift card plugins
  • Fix Fixed bug with customizer sections being hidden on some themes due to a conflict

V.1.0.4 - 10.01.2017

  • New Ajax Add to cart now supported on single shop pages and within product quick views
  • Enhance License System now allows the same purchase code to be valid within a multisite setup. 1 License: unlimited domains, subdomains, folders as long as as it is under a multisite.
  • Fix Fixed WooCommerce installation check notice

V.1.0.3 - 16.12.2016

  • New Now supports RTL
  • Fix Minor CSS fix with Fly to cart animation

V.1.0.2 - 30.11.2016

  • New Added 11 different loading spinners (optional)
  • New Added new Fly To Cart animation (optional)
  • New Added option to exclude pages from displaying the cart
  • Fix Allow html in product titles
  • Fix License validation Fix

V.1.0.1 - 02.11.2016

  • New Added hover background / color option to checkout button.
  • Enhance Replaced click with click event for faster taps on mobile.
  • Update Updated Translation Files
  • Fix Removed hover effect on mobile for faster response
  • Fix Fixed bug with checkout button typography options
  • Fix Minor CSS Fixes

V.1.0.0 - 01.11.2016

  • Initial Initial Version
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A lifetime licence entitles you to updates and support forever. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription.

Plugin details

  • Version 1.4.0
  • Last Updated 24 Oct 2019
  • Released 27 Nov 2016


  • WordPress 4.6+
  • PHP 5.4+

Tested up to

  • WordPress 5.2.1

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