Our CodeCanyon Plugins Have Retired!

If you purchased one of our plugins from CodeCanyon, please note that starting June 29, 2021, the CodeCanyon version has been retired, and will no longer be maintained or updated.

Our plugins will still be maintained and sold exclusively on our website.

To continue receiving new updates and security patches, please migrate your current CodeCanyon license to XplodedThemes and get 3 more months for FREE!

If you have any issues while migrating, please contact us

It feels like I am being forced to migrate? Do I have to migrate?

Absolutely not! You can choose to stay on the old plugin version, however, please note that it will no longer be updated, supported or maintained.

Why are we leaving CodeCanyon?

All our plugins use Freemius for billing and license management, and we prefer to have consistency across all our products and not having to release 2 different versions for each product.

It’s cool that we get 3 extra months for free, but what happens after?

You can either purchase an annual or a lifetime license directly from our website or else, the plugin will remain working as it is, however you will no longer have access to updates, security patches or support.

Migrate Your CodeCanyon License to XplodedThemes